This page explains in detail the interactions between the Mario series and the Parachute series.

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1997927 September 27, 1997


Mario5Arrow R Parachute

In "Modern" Parachute the elements from the original game are replaced mainly with elements from Super Mario Bros. 3. The background features a castle, but it's unknown whose castle it is. The castle appearance changes notably if the game is played on a Game Boy Color (or Game Boy Advance) rather than on a regular Game Boy or a Super Game Boy. The player controls Mario on the boat trying to catch the people parachuting, that are Toads, Yoshis and Donkey Kong Jr. while the helicopter is replaced with an Airship and the sharks with a Boss Bass (though it's simply called Cheep Cheep in the game's hints). Instead of getting caught in a tree, skydivers (only Toads actually) can sometimes end up in a cannon that then shoots them out. When a skydiver ends in the water, is then rescued by a Fishin' Lakitu. Every 100 points three Yoshi Eggs are thrown from the airship, and then break reveailing their content: one of them contains a Star, one contains a Boo and one contains nothing. If the player catches the Star, a Toad will shoot stars from the Cannon, giving extra points if caught, but if the player catches the Boo, it will shoot a Bob-omb from the cannon, giving a miss if caught. At 200, 500 and 700 points, if the player has one or two misses, instead of Yoshi Eggs the ship releases three ? Balls, that then break open and only one of them contains a 1-Up Heart that if catched removes a miss.


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