This page explains in detail the interactions between the Mario series and the Octopus series.

Game & Watch Gallery

199721 February 1, 1997


Mario5Arrow R Octopus

In "Modern" Octopus the deep-sea diver controlled by the player is replaced with Mario, while Peach stays on the boat. At 200, 500 and 700 points a Lakitu comes in and drops a 1-Up Heart that must be catched to have a miss removed.

Game & Watch Gallery Advance

20021025 October 25, 2002


Mario5Arrow R Octopus

G&WGA Octopus M

The new version of "Modern" Octopus.

The "Modern" version of Octopus is the same that was featured in Game & Watch Gallery only with improved graphics and some cosmetic changes, but all Mario references are still there. Mario's diving suit was changed to a bubble helmet, so that his face can always be seen.


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