This page explains in detail the interactions between the Mario series and the Nester series.

Howard & Nester episode 2


September/October 1988


Mario5Arrow R Nester

In the second episode of Howard and Nester, Howard reads a tip about Super Mario Bros. 2.

Howard & Nester episode 12

May/June 1990


A scene from the comic


Mario5Arrow R Nester

In this episode, Howard and Nester literally enter Super Mario Bros. 3 to search for programming bugs. They're seen exploring the fortress of Wolrd 1.

Even if they phisically interact with the Mario world, this is stated in the comic to be just a debugging device, so Mario is still fictional within Nester's universe, and this counts as a type 2 link, and not as type 1.

Nintendo Power 20th Anniversary Comic

August 2008


Mario5Arrow R Nester

In this special episode, adult Nester and his son play Mario Kart Wii. In a scene Nester also talks about the Super Mario Bros. movie.

He cites Super Mario Bros. 3 too, but he's talking about a scene within the movie The Wizard, so it's technically an undirect reference.


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