This page explains in detail the interactions between the Mario series and the NBA Street series.

NBA Street V3

20050208 February 08, 2005

Mario5Arrow R NBA Street

The GameCube version of NBA Street V3 includes the exclusive Nintendo AllStars team composite of Mario, Luigi and Peach. Note that while Mario and Luigi appear in their regular outfits, Peach is featured for the first time in a pink tank top and pink shorts, basically a pink version of Daisy's sport wear, instead of the minidress she wore in all previous sport games.

The team also has its own court, featuring Warp Pipes around the playfield, as well as images of Mario, Peach, 1-Up Mushrooms and Super Mushrooms.

Mario Superstar Baseball

MSB Peach

Artwork of Peach in Mario Superstar Baseball.

20050721 July 21, 2005

Mario4Arrow L NBA Street

Mario Superstar Baseball features Peach as a playable character in her tank top an shorts from NBA Street. Starting in this game, this becomes Peach's regular outfit in sport games.


EA (Electronic Arts) was autorized by Nintendo to use Mario, Luigi and Peach in the GameCube version of some of their games. In the end they only used them in NBA Street V3 and SSX on Tour.

About Peach's outfit, is very likely that it was created by Nintendo for later Mario sport games, and just happened to be used in NBA Street V3 first (rather than being an original outfit created by EA), since EA while having the right to use the characters, shouldn't have the right to redesign their outfit.