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Luigi is a series of video games created by Nintendo and starring Luigi, brother of the titular character from the Mario series, making this series a spin-off of it.

Luigismansion2 Luigi

Luigi in Luigi's Mansion 2.

While Luigi is playable in all games in the Mario Bros. sub-series and some other Mario games, the first game to star Luigi in the leading role was the educational game Mario is Missing, but since it's not titled "Luigi" and it still features Mario in a supporting role, it's not considered an actual part of the Luigi series.

The actual games titled after Luigi are:

  • Luigi's Mansion (September 14, 2001), GameCube. A Nintendo 3DS version was also released on October 12, 2018.
  • Luigi's Mansion 2 (March 20, 2013), Nintendo 3DS. Known in North America as Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.
  • New Super Luigi U (June 19, 2013), Wii U. Originally released as an expansion pack to New Super Mario Bros. U, it was later released as a stand-alone game.
  • Dr. Luigi (December 31, 2013), Wii U download.
  • Luigi's Mansion Arcade (Summer 2015), Arcade.
  • Luigi's Mansion 3 (2019), Nintendo Switch

The Mario & Luigi sub-series while also titled after Mario, is sometimes considered part of the Luigi series.

Additionally many merchandising items dedicated to Luigi was released throughout 2013 in an event called "The Year of Luigi", commemorating the 30th anniversary of Luigi's debut in Mario Bros., including a Luigi-themed Nintendo 3DS XL and a music CD titled The Year of Luigi Sound Selection including music tracks from Luigi games as well as Luigi themes from Mario games.

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Note: only references to Luigi as the hero from his own series are listed here, references to him as a Mario character are listed in the Mario series.

Direction Series Date Description Type


Double Arrow L

Mario20010914 September 14, 2001The Luigi series is a spin-off of the Mario series, starring Mario's brother Luigi.

4Arrow L Star Wars20010914 September 14, 2001Luigi's Mansion features a reference to Return of the Jedi.3

4Arrow L Wario20010914 September 14, 2001The ending of Luigi's Mansion seem to be based on the ending of Wario Land.3

4Arrow L Pikmin20011118 November 18, 2001A promotional video for Pikmin can be found in the Options menu of the US and PAL versions of Luigi's Mansion.3

5Arrow R Super Princess Peach20051020 October 20, 2005King Boo appears as a boss in Super Princess Peach.1

5Arrow R Super Smash Bros.20080131 January 31, 2008Super Smash Bros. Brawl and for Wii U feature a stage based on Luigi's Mansion; the Poltergust 5000 from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon also appears in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and for Wii U as Luigi's Final Smash.

5Arrow R Project Zero20080731 July 31, 2008Luigi's clothes are unlockable in Project Zero 4.2

5Arrow R Animal Crossing20121108 November 08, 2012Animal Crossing: New Leaf features a music track originally from Luigi's Mansion.3

5Arrow R Nintendo Land20121118 November 18, 2012Nintendo Land features a minigame based on Luigi's Mansion.2

4Arrow L Poltergeist20130320 March 20, 2013Luigi's Mansion 2 features a reference to Poltergeist.3

5Arrow R NES Remix20140424 April 24, 2014NES Remix 2 includes a special mode called Super Luigi Bros.2

5Arrow R Donkey Kong20160128 January 28, 2016Mini Mario & Friends: amiibo Challenge features a level based on Luigi's Mansion.2