This page explains in detail the interactions between the Little Ghost Q-Taro series and the Mario series.

Shogakukan Kindergarten

ShogakukanKindergarten cameos

UNDIRECT: October 1987


Little Ghost Q-Taro6 Dash Mario

Little Ghost Q-Taro and Mario appear together in an illustration on the October 1987 issue of this children's magazine. Q-Taro and various characters from Mario and Doraemon are seen running a marathon wearing Mario's hat, with Mario himself waving a white flag.

Since this just shows the characters performing an activity, without much narrative value, it's arguable if it should be considered a link. (see the Cover rule)
We consider it a link because it's a plausible scenario that can be considered to happen in a fictional universe.


Both Super Mario-kun and Little Ghost Q-Taro were published by Shogakukan on the CoroCoro magazine, so they could include references between the two comics.