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Hipopo, the main character of the series.

Liquid Kids, known as Mizubaku Daibouken (lit. Water Bomb Great Adventure) in Japan, is a sidescrolling platform video game by Taito. It was originally released for Arcades in September 1990, and later ported to the PC-Engine and Sega Saturn. A port for the Amiga was also developed but never released until 2003, when the original master copy was discovered and released online.

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Direction Series Date Description Type

4Arrow L The NewZealand Story199009 September 1990A secret warp room in Liquid Kids features an arrangement of blocks resembling Tiki from The NewZealand Story.3

5Arrow R Cameltry19920626 June 26, 1992In the SNES port of Cameltry, the background of stage 1 in the 1st Plane Expert course, stage 4 and 1 of the 4th Plane Master and Special courses feature Hipopo and Tamasun from Liquid Kids.2

5Arrow R Bubble Bobble1994 1994Hipopo from Liquid Kids is an assist character in Bubble Symphony, and he also spawns as an item in Round 55 of Bubble Memories, while the "Water" bubble in the series works similarly to the water bubbles used in Liquid Kids.1

5Arrow R Space Invaders19940909 September 09, 1994Stage 5 in the Parody Mode of Space Invaders DX is based on Liquid Kids and features a playable Hipopo.1

5Arrow R Pop n' Pop19981022 October 22, 1998Characters from Liquid Kids appear in the PlayStation and Game Boy Color ports of Pop n' Pop.1

5Arrow R Taito Memories20050825 August 25, 2005Taito Memories Gekan includes Liquid Kids.2

5Arrow R Taito Legends20060331 March 31, 2006Taito Legends 2 includes Liquid Kids.2