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Lego Res-Q, or simply Res-Q is a series of construction toys by Lego focused on rescue missions, featuring the titular fictional company, and it's a sub-series of the Lego Town series.

The first set that is considered by some part of the series is 2882 Speedboat, released in 1997, that features a lifeguard minifigure similar to some from actual Res-Q sets, however it doesn't feature the Res-Q logo, so it's at most a prototype.

LegoRes-Q 6479 Emergency Response Center

6479 Emergency Response Center, the largest Lego Res-Q set.

The actual Res-Q sets were released in 1998, and are:

  • 2962 Res-Q Lifeguard
  • 6415 Res-Q Jet-Ski, later re-released as 6428 Wave Saver and as 1097 RES-Q Runner.
  • 6431 Road Rescue
  • 6445 Emergency Evac
  • 6451 River Response
  • 6462 Aerial Recovery
  • 6473 Res-Q Cruiser
  • 6479 Emergency Response Center

Additionally, the Jack Stone sets 4603 Res-Q Wrecker, 4606 Aqua Res-Q Transport and 4622 ResQ Digger, released between 2001 and 2002, feature "Res-Q" in their title, but they are not an actual part of the series.

Links to other series

Direction Series Date Description Type

4Arrow L Lego Extreme Team1998 1998The Lego Res-Q set 6462 Aerial Recovery features a diver from the Extreme Team series.1

5Arrow R Lego Studios2000 2000The Lego Studios set LEGO & Steven Spielberg MovieMaker Set includes a Res-Q fireman minifigure.1

5Arrow R Lego Sports2000 2000The Lego Sports set 3408 Super Sports Coverage includes a Res-Q minifigure.1

5Arrow R Lego Jack Stone2001 2001The Lego Jack Stone sets 4603 Res-Q Wrecker, 4606 Aqua Res-Q Transport and 4622 ResQ Digger feature the Res-Q organization.1