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Lego Space Exploration, formerly simply known as Lego Space (not to be confused with the actual Lego Space series), is a sub-series of the Lego City series by Lego, centering around realistic spaceflight. Some consider the two names as separate series, but since they feature the same theme and their logo only received a minor redesign, it's safe to consider them the same series, only renamed.

Space (2011):

  • 3365 Space Moon Buggy
  • 3366 Satellite Launch Pad
  • 3367 Space Shuttle
  • 3368 Space Centre
  • 30016 Space Satellite (Unreleased)

Space Exploration (2015):

  • 60077 Space Starter Set
  • 60078 Utility Shuttle
  • 60079 Training Jet Transporter
  • 60080 Spaceport

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4Arrow L Lego Space2011 2011The logo for the Lego City Space subseries is based on the logo from the Lego Space series.3