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Lego Arctic is a series of construction toys by Lego featuring sets centered around arctic exploration, and it's a sub-series of the Lego Town series. It was first announced in 1998, but its sets were released in 2000; a new series was released in 2014.


LegoArctic PolarBase

6575 Polar Base, the largest Lego Arctic set in the 2000 line.

Sets released in 2000 are:

  • 6520 Mobile Outpost
  • 6569 Polar Explorer, a boundle of two sets: 6578 Polar Explorer and 6586 Polar Scout.
  • 6573 Arctic Expedition
  • 6575 Polar Base
  • 6577 Snow Scooter
  • 6578 Polar Explorer
  • 6579 Ice Surfer
  • 6586 Polar Scout
  • 6626 Snowmobile, a re-release of 6577 Snow Scooter, without a front decal.

Sets released in 2014 are:

  • 30310 Arctic Scout
  • 60032 Arctic Snowmobile
  • 60033 Arctic Ice Crawler
  • 60034 Arctic Helicrane
  • 60035 Arctic Outpost
  • 60036 Arctic Base Camp
  • 60062 Arctic Icebreaker
  • 60064 Arctic Supply Plane

Additionally, the sets 6570 Snowmobile and 6576 Sledge were created but never released.

Promotional items

A book was published in 2000 titled Mission to the Arctic.

A t-shirt featuring a promotional image of the series was also released in 2000.

An Arctic-themed food placemat was released in 2004, called 4271453 Arctic Food Placemat - Blue.

Links to other series

Direction Series Date Description Type

5Arrow R Lego Racers20010921 September 21, 2001Lego Racers 2 features vehicles and other elements from Lego Arctic.1

5Arrow R Lego Sports20020618 June 18, 2002The videogame Lego Soccer Mania features characters from the Arctic series.1