Left 4 Dead

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Left 4 Dead is a Horror Video Game series by Valve.

Video Games

Left 4 Dead (October 17th 2008) for PC, Mac, and Xbox 360

Left 4 Dead 2 (November 17th 2009) for PC, Mac, and Xbox 360

Links to other series

Direction Series Date Description Type

4Arrow L Counter-Strike20081017 October 17, 2008Some of the areas in Left 4 Dead resemble areas in Counter-Strike.3


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Team Fortress20091102 November 02, 2009Team Fortress 2 features three promotional items based on Left 4 Dead 2 as promotional items unlocked by purchasing Left 4 Dead 2 on Steam.While in Left 4 Dead 2 Two brands of food sold in the park are "Heavy Gulp" and "Pyro's Hamburgers". These brands are references to the Heavy and Pyro.2


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Dead Rising20091117 November 17, 2009Left 4 Dead 2 features a message that says "Otis, out of film, No helicopter, Zombies are too fast, Not going to make it, Frank West"; while Dead Rising 2: Case West features a message on the wall referencing Left 4 Dead. Both series also references each other in the names of certain Achievements.3

4Arrow L Resident Evil20091117 November 17, 2009Left 4 Dead 2 and Resident Evil 6 feature the same skin of zombies but with different names.3

4Arrow L Portal20110530 May 30, 2011The song "Still Alive" from Portal is featured in Left 4 Dead 2, while the custom campaign "Suicide Blitz" features a secret area based on Portal 2. Additionally the "Moustachio" item in Portal 2 is based on Moustachio's mustache from Left 4 Dead 2.1

4Arrow L Doctor Who20110617 June 17, 2011The TARDIS can be found in the DLC of Suicide Blitz 2 in The City Stage.1

4Arrow L Half-Life20110617 June 17, 2011G-Man can be found in the DLC of Suicide Blitz 2.1

5Arrow R The Cabin in the Woods20120309 March 09, 2012Various monsters from Left 4 Dead make cameos in The Cabin in the Woods.1

5Arrow R Payday20120706 July 06, 2012Bill makes an appearance in Payday and in the DLC No Mercy a heist takes place in Mercy Hospital, a location from the Left 4 Dead game and takes place before the events of Left 4 Dead.1

5Arrow R Minecraft20120824 August 24, 2012Minecraft for Xbox 360 features seven downloadable skins based on Left 4 Dead characters in Skin Pack 2 and four more in Skin Pack 3.2

5Arrow R Super Time Force20140825 August 25, 2014Zoey from Left 4 Dead is a character in Super Time Force.1

5Arrow R Evolve20150210 February 10, 2015Lazarus from Evolve was likely designed after Francis from Left 4 Dead. The Goliath Monster from Evolve borrows gameplay elements of the Tank from Left 4 Dead.3

5Arrow R Dead by Daylight20170308 March 08, 2017William "Bill" Overbeck appears as DLC for Dead by Daylight.1