This page explains in detail the interactions between the Wolverine series and the LOST series. along in this game you also could find the Warcraft series and Portal series

X-Men Origins Wolverine

(2009051 May 1, 2009)

X-Men Origins Wolverine - Found!, WoW!, The Cake

X-Men Origins Wolverine - Found!, WoW!, The Cake

This video shows how to find the LOST, Warcraft, and Portal easter egg


You could find the hatch from lost but it is well hidden behind some wood


hidden in the trees you find a cave and next to a skeleton with a yellow exclamation point on his head like in WoW is The Lich King's sword from World of Warcraft


there is a teleport machine you go inside of to find a cake with the message "SURPRISE!" all over the wall and floor


Marvel didn't have any right to use LOST,Warcraft, and Portal, but they only included a minor references.