A klonoa

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Klonoa, the main character of the series

Klonoa is a video game series created by Namco.

Video Games

Klonoa: Door to Phantomile (December 11th 1997) for PlayStation

Kaze no Klonoa: Moonlight Museum (May 20th 1999) for WonderSwan

Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil (March 22nd 2001) for PS2

Klonoa: Empire of Dreams (July 19th 2001) for GBA

Klonoa Beach Volleyball (April 5th 2002) for PlayStation

Klonoa 2: Dream Chase Champ Tournament (August 6th 2002) for GBA

Klonoa Heroes: Densetsu no Star Medal (December 13th 2002) for GBA

Klonoa (December 4th 2008) for Wii

Links to other series

Direction Series Date Description Type

4Arrow L Pac-Man19971211 December 11, 1997Klonoa has an image of Pac-Man on his hat.2

5Arrow R Point Blank2000 2000An image of Klonoa appears as a possible target in Point Blank 3.2

5Arrow R Alpine Racer2000 2000Klonoa is a unlockable character in Alpine Racer 3.1

5Arrow R Segagaga20010329 March 29, 2001A parody of Klonoa called "Klonoa of the Cold" is featured within Segagaga.2.5

5Arrow R Family Tennis20020614 June 14, 2002Klonoa is a selectable character in Family Tennis Advance.1

5Arrow R Taiko no Tatsujin20021024 October 24, 2002Taiko no Tatsujin: Tatacon de DODON ga DON and later games in the series feature music tracks from the Klonoa series.2

5Arrow R Family Stadium20030530 May 30, 2003Family Stadium 2003 features a stadium set in the world of Klonoa, and Klonoa himself appears as a player in Famista Online, Pro Baseball Famista 2011 and its sequels, and Famista Dream Match, with the King of Sorrow also appearing in Dream Match; additionally one of the players in the Namco Stars team in Famista Advance is called Popka, and an image of Klonoa appears in the Namco stadium.1

5Arrow R Namco × Capcom20050526 May 26, 2005Namco × Capcom features characters from the Klonoa series.1

5Arrow R Unou no Tatsujin20060209 February 09, 2006QuickSpot features a puzzle based on Klonoa.2

5Arrow R Tales of Series20081218 December 18, 2008Klonoa is featured as a support character in Tales of Hearts, while a Klonoa plushdoll appears in Tales of Destiny 2, a Klonoa costume is featured in Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Vesperia, and the latter also features a Klonoa diorama machine.1

5Arrow R Keroro Gunsō20100304 March 04, 2010Klonoa and Guntz appear as summons in Keroro RPG.1

5Arrow R Soul Series20120508 May 08, 2012A statue of Klonoa is included in the Soul Calibur V downloadable pack Miscellaneous Equipment 1.2

5Arrow R Moto GP20130621 June 21, 2013Klonoa is a unlockable character in Moto GP 13.1

5Arrow R Namco High20131217 December 17, 2013Lolo from Klonoa is a character in Namco High.1

5Arrow R Tekken20170920 September 20, 2017Klonoa appears in Lee's custom portrait in Tekken 7 (update 1.07).2