This page explains in detail the interactions between the King Kong series and the Mario series.

Mario is Missing!

19921231 December 31, 1992

King Kong5Arrow R Mario

Mario is Missing KingKong PC2

The Empire State Building pamphlet in Mario is Missing! citing King Kong.

Mario is Missing! is an educational game where Luigi has to return to their proper locations various items stolen by the Koopas from famous landmarks.

One of the items stolen in New York City is, surprisingly, King Kong, that has to be returned to the Empire State Building. In the SNES version of the game, the whole body of the ape is shown in the inventory, while in the NES and DOS versions of the game, only his hand grabbing the top of the building is shown, therfore being represented much higher than he is in the original movies. It actually looks more like the Toho version of the character (see Godzilla X King Kong), but this may be a coincidence.

Apart from being held in a small bag, and later carried around by Luigi, something due to gameplay, King Kong is considered an artifact in this game, and New York wants it back, so it can be assumed not to be the creature, but rather something based on it, like a statue. This is confirmed in the DOS version of the game, which in the Empire State Building pamphlet reads King Kong is a fictional figure, so it can't possibly be the actual monster.

Note that the pamphlet talks about the window washer referencing King Kong climbing the building in the movie. Supposedly, an additional reference to King Kong is in the DOS version of the game, where as Luigi has to answer to various questions about the Empire State Building, one of the possible answers to its location is "Kongsville".

Mario in Mariozilla

Mario in Mariozilla KingKong

Giant Mario climbing the Empire State Building.

19962 February 1996

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This two-part comic published in the german Club Nintendo magazine is about Mario accidentaly growing gigantic and traveling to New York in search for help by Dr. Light from the Mega Man series (see Mario X Mega Man#Mario in Mariozilla for more details). A scene in part one is based on King Kong, since it features Mario climbing the Empire State Building, where Dr. Light happens to be working.

The title of the episode however, is based on Godzilla (see Godzilla X Mario#Mario in Mariozilla).


Mario's company Nintendo, and The Software Toolworks that produced Mario is Missing!, had no right over Universal's King Kong, but they only included minor references to the movie.