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A soldier from killzone

A Helghast Soldier, the iconic enemies in Killzone

Killzone is a series of video games created by Sony.

Video games

Killzone (November 2nd 2004) for PS2

Killzone Liberation (October 31, 2006) for PSP

Killzone 2 (February 26th 2009) for PS3 

Killzone 3 (February 22nd 2011) for PS3

Killzone Mercenary (September 4, 2013) for PS Vita

Killzone Shadow Fall (November 15th 2013) for PS4

Links to other series

Direction Series Date Description Type

5Arrow R LittleBigPlanet2009319 March 19, 2009Tomas and Helghast costumes are downloadable in LittleBigPlanet.2
5Arrow R Uncharted20100128 January 28, 2010Tomas and a Helghast Soldier are downloadable in Uncharted 2, while a Capture Trooper is downloadable in Uncharted 3 along with Killzone helmets for the custom characters.1
5Arrow R Lost Planet20100514 May 14, 2010A Helghast soldier and sniper are playable as DLC skins.1
5Arrow R PlayStation All-Stars20121108 November 08, 2012PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale features Colonel Radec from Killzone as a playable character.1
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