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K.C. Cooper, the main character of the series.

K.C. Undercover is a TV series by Disney.


K.C. Undercover (January 18, 2015 - present)

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Direction Series Date Description Type

4Arrow L Star Wars20150125 January 25, 2015R2D2 was mentioned by J.U.D.Y. in an episode of K.C. Undercover.2

4Arrow L Jessie (Disney)20151004 October 04, 2015Characters from Jessie appear in an episode of K.C. Undercover.

5Arrow R Austin & Ally20151004 October 04, 2015Characters from K.C. Undercover appear in an episode of Austin & Ally.

5Arrow R Just Dance20151020 October 20, 2015Just Dance: Disney Party 2 features the track "Keep It Undercover" from K.C. Undercover.2