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Jill of the Jungle is a platform video game created by Epic MegaGames (currently known as Epic Games) and released in three episodes for DOS in 1992. The first episode was released as a freeware game, while its sequels were only available for purchase:

  • Jill of the Jungle
  • Jill of the Jungle: Jill Goes Underground
  • Jill of the Jungle: Jill Saves the Prince

Additionally a compilation including all three games, titled Jill of the Jungle: The Complete Trilogy was released in 1993.

Additionally Jungle Pinball, released in 1994, is a pinball game themed after Jill of the Jungle and might be considered part of this series, however it is actually part of the Epic Pinball series.

Links to other series

Direction Series Date Description Type

4Arrow L Pac-Man1992 1992Jill of the Jungle features enemies based on the Ghost Monsters from Pac-Man; the freeware version of the game also features a reference to Pac-Man himself.3
4Arrow L Commander Keen1992 1992The freeware version of Jill of the Jungle features a reference to Commander Keen.3
4Arrow L Mario1992 1992The freeware version of Jill of the Jungle features a reference to an italian superhero called "Mario".
4Arrow L Kiloblaster1992 1992The freeware version of Jill of the Jungle features a reference to Kiloblaster.2

Double Arrow R

Onesimus: A Quest for Freedom1992 1992Onesimus: A Quest for Freedom is based on Jill Saves the Prince also featuring many of the same elements.
5Arrow R Xargon1993 1993Xargon reuses many gameplay elements from the Jill of the Jungle series.3
5Arrow R Monster Bash19930409 April 09, 1993Monster Bash features a reference to Jill of the Jungle.3
5Arrow R Epic Pinball19931106 November 06, 1993Epic Pinball features a table based on Jill of the Jungle.2
5Arrow R Jazz Jackrabbit19940730 July 30, 1994Jill of the Jungle makes a cameo in Jazz Jackrabbit.1

Double Arrow R

Vinyl Goddess from Mars1995 1995Vinyl Goddess from Mars is a spiritual sequel to the Jill of the Jungle series.
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