This page explains in detail the interactions between the Indie Pogo series and the Super Dangerous Dungeons series.

Indie Pogo

July 10, 2018


Indie Pogo4Arrow L Super Dangerous Dungeons

Indie Pogo features a trophy of Timmy. It can be unlocked from the Gachapon. Unlocking this trophy causes Timmy to appear in the background crowd of the character select screen, and possibly appear during a pogo combo during battle.

Trophy description:

IndiePogo TimmyTrophy

Despite his young age, when it comes to theiv...err... treasure hunting, Timmy is no amateur. With nothing but his wits, reflexes, and whatever equipment he finds along the way, Timmy fearlessly springs into even the most dangerous of dungeons!


Adventure Islands gave permission to Lowe Bros. Studios to use Timmy in Indie Pogo.