This page explains in detail the interactions between the Indie Pogo series and the Road Warriors series.

Indie Pogo

July 10, 2018


Indie Pogo4Arrow L Road Warriors

Indie Pogo features a trophy of Cluck. It can be unlocked from the Gachapon. Unlocking this trophy causes Cluck to appear in the background crowd of the character select screen, and possibly appear during a pogo combo during battle.

Trophy description:

IndiePogo CluckTrophy

Cluck is an up-and-coming challenger to the Road Warriors. This means he must compete in high-octane, intergalactic combat races against dangerous foes. He puts his driving, sniping, and car mechanic skills to use to become the greatest racer in the universe!


Lucky Kat Studios gave permission to Lowe Bros. Studios to use Cluck in Indie Pogo.