This page explains in detail the interactions between the Indie Pogo series and the Jack N' Jill series.

Indie Pogo

July 10, 2018


Indie Pogo4Arrow L Jack N' Jill

Indie Pogo features a trophy of Jack and Jill, named "Jack N' Jill". It can be unlocked from the Gachapon. Unlocking this trophy causes Jack and Jill to appear in the background crowd of the character select screen, and possibly appear during a pogo combo during battle.

Trophy description:

IndiePogo JackN'JillTrophy

Jack & Jill are a match made in 8-bit heaven. If ever the pair becomes separated, it's their mission to reunite at all costs, despite what perils may be between them. They tend to be a bit single-minded, often electing to do only one action at a time.


Rohan Narang gave permission to Lowe Bros. Studios to use Jack and Jill in Indie Pogo.