Inazuma Eleven

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Inazuma Eleven is a soccer game series by Level-5

Video Games

Inazuma Eleven (August 22nd 2008) for Nintendo DS

Inazuma Eleven 2 (October 9th 2009) for Nintendo DS

Inazuma Eleven 3 (July 1st 2010) for Nintendo DS

Inazuma Eleven Strikers (July 16th 2011) for Wii

Inazuma Eleven GO (December 15th 2011) for 3DS

Inazuma Eleven Strikers 2012 Xtreme (December 22nd 2011) for Wii

Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone (December 13th 2012) for 3DS

Inzauma Eleven GO Strikers 2013 (December 20th 2012) for Wii

Inazuma Eleven GO 3: Galaxy (December 5th 2013) for 3DS


Inazuma Eleven (June 2008 - October 2011)

Inazuma Eleven GO (November 2011 - Present)


Inazuma Eleven (Octoebr 5th 2008 - April 27th 2011)

Inazuma Eleven GO (May 4th 2012 - March 19th 2014)

Links to other series

Direction Series Date Description Type

4Arrow L Professor Layton20080822 August 22, 2008Inazuma Eleven features the "Layton Team" composite of Professor Layton characters.1

5Arrow R Taiko no Tatsujin20100908 September 08, 2010Taiko no Tatsujin 14 and later games in the series feature music tracks from Inazuma Eleven.2

4Arrow L Despicable Me20110522 May 22, 2011Despicable Me characters meet characters from Inazuma Eleven in a Inazuma Eleven Commercial.1



Little Battlers Experience20111201 December 01, 2011Inazuma Eleven and Danbōru Senki W crossover in the film "Inazuma Eleven GO vs. Little Battlers Experience".1