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I am Bread is an action/puzzle platform video game series by Bossa Studios.

Video games

  • I am Bread (April 9, 2015). PC.

Links to other series

Direction Series Date Description Type

4Arrow L Surgeon Simulator20150409 April 09, 2015Nigel Burke's arm from Surgeon Simulator 2013 can be spotted in the epilogue of I am Bread.1

4Arrow L Star Wars20150409 April 09, 2015End messages in the Zero-G levels of I am Bread are puns based on quotes from the Star Wars franchise. The May 2015 update added a mode called "Starch Wars - A New Loaf", which is a full parody/homage to the first Star Wars movie.3

4Arrow L Team Fortress20150813 August 13, 2015I am Bread features a level in the world of Team Fortress 2.1


Arrow L & R

Goat Simulator20151112 November 12, 2015I am Bread features a mode with the goat from Goat Simulator as a playable character. Goat Simulator features a transformation into a slice of bread from I am Bread.1