A Icarly

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A carly sam and freddie

(Left To Right) Freddie, Carly, and Sam, the main characters of the series

iCarly is a sitcom show created by Nickelodeon.


iCarly (September 8th 2007 - November 23rd 2012)

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Direction Series Date Description Type

5Arrow R Pac-Man20081004 October 04, 2008The iCarly episode "iStage an Intervention" features a game called "Pak-Rat", which is a parody of Pac-Man.2.5

4Arrow L FЯED20090216 February 16, 2009The iCarly episode "iMeet Fred" centers around the FЯED show.2

4Arrow L Zoey 10120101119 November 19, 2010Stacey Dillsen appears in the episode iStart a Fanwar.1

4Arrow L Drake & Josh20101119 November 19, 2010Gavin Mitchell, Craig Ramirez, and Eric all have made a cameo appearance in the episode iStart a Fanwar.1

4Arrow L Victorious20110611 June 11, 2011Characters from Victorious appear in the episode iParty with Victorious.1


Double Arrow R

Sam & Cat20130608 June 08, 2013Sam & Cat is a spin off of both ICarly and Victorious.1

5Arrow R Game Shakers201799 September 9, 2017the Game Shakers track down Nathan Kress to see if his character, Freddie, liked Carly or Sam from ICarly ..2

5Arrow R Henry Danger2018216 February 16, 2018Chloe hums the iCarly theme.3