How I met your mother

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How I Met Your Mother or also called HIMYM is a series created by CBS.

TV Series

How I Met Your Mother (September 9th 2005 - March 31st 2014)

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Direction Series Date Description Type

4Arrow L Mario20070122 January 22, 2007In the How I Met Your Mother episode "Columns" Marshall is seen playing Super Mario Wrold, while in "Desperation Day" he plays Dr. Mario and Super Mario Kart.

5Arrow R Just Dance20111007 October 07, 2011Just Dance 3 features the song "Let's Go To The Mall" from How I Met Your Mother, credited to Robin Sparkle, with her also possibly appearing as the dancer; the song is also available in Just Dance Now.1

4Arrow L Zelda20120514 May 14, 2012The How I Met Your Mother episode "The Magician's Code - Part One" features a reference to The Legend of Zelda.

4Arrow L Bill & Ted20130923 September 23, 2013The How I Met Your Mother season 9 episode "The Locket" features a reference to Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.3