A henry in danger

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Henry Danger is a show on Nick.


Henry Danger (July 26th 2014 - present)

The Adventures of Kid Danger (January 19th 2018 - present)

Links to other series

Direction Series Date Description Type

4Arrow L The Walking Dead2015124 January 24, 2015The Walking Orange is a parody of The Walking Dead in Henry Danger.3

4Arrow L Star Wars2015124 January 24, 2015Galaxy Wars is a parody of Star Wars in Henry Danger.3

5Arrow R Super Brawl (Nickelodeon)2015716 July 16, 2015Henry Danger characters are playable in Super Brawl 4.1

4Arrow L Sam & Cat20151114 November 14, 2015A character from Sam & Cat appears in "Secret Beef"1

4Arrow L Back to the Future2016430 April 30, 2016Doc Brown and Marty Mcfly appear in the Henry Danger episode, "Ox Pox".1



The Thundermans2016618 June 18, 2016Phoebe and Max Thunderman appear in the episode "Danger & Thunder".1

4Arrow L Full House2016618 June 18, 2016Uncle Jesse was mentioned in Henry Danger.2

4Arrow L Game Shakers20171125 November 25, 2017The Game Shakers appear in the episode "Danger Games".1

4Arrow L ICarly2018216 February 16, 2018Chloe hums the iCarly theme.3

4Arrow L Knight Squad201922 February 2, 2019Characters from Knight Squad appear in the episode “Knight and Danger”.1