This page explains in detail the interactions between the Haunting Ground series and the Street Fighter series.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Extra Battle Mode Vs. Fiona Belli

SFV Fiona challenge

20180830 August 30, 2018


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The main character of Haunting Ground, Fiona Belli, appears as the 12th crossover costume for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, introduced in Extra Battle Mode in a month-long Challenge series of battles. Given to Cammy, this costume faithfully recreates Fiona's looks in Haunting Ground, including her short-haired hairstyle. All the costume's alternate colors are original since the source material lacks color varieties, but her Easter Egg code (hold LP+MP+HP+LK and up during the loading screen) provides another nod to the game: performing the code changes Cammy's costume to one of Fiona's alternate costumes from Haunting Ground, namely the "Texas Cowgirl" costume unlocked after getting Ending A. The costume is identical to the original, a cowboy-themed attire made of a cowboy hat, chaps, a two-piece bikini, gloves and boots.

As all other Challenge costumes, the player needed to win 4 CPU battle challenges in Extra Battle Mode (titled "Quick & Immovable") to unlock it, each available only for a limited time. The player needed all four victories to earn the costume, otherwise the costume wouldn't be unlocked:

  • Challenge 1 went from August 30 to September 06, and winning it provided the "Wind Gem", representing Fiona's boots.
  • Challenge 2 went from September 06 to September 13, and winning it provided the "Forest Gem", representing Fiona's choker.
  • Challenge 3 went from September 13 to September 20, and winning it provided the "Fire Gem", representing Fiona's shirt.
  • Challenge 4 went from Septembe 21 to September 27, and winning it provided the "Mountain Gem", representing Fiona's hair.

The costume was made available a second time in a set of challenges going through December 2018, alongside 4 other previous crossover costumes, as well as included in the "Capcom Legend" DLC bundle alongside five other costumes, available for purchase from December 2018 to January 2019.


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