Gidget started as a series of novels by Frederick Kohner that were adapted into several films and television series.


  • Gidget, The Little Girl With Big Ideas (1957)
  • Cher Papa (1959)
  • The Affairs of Gidget(1963)
  • Gidget in Love (1965)
  • Gidget Goes Parisienne (1966)
  • Gidget Goes New York (1968)

Adaptations from films

  • Gidget Goes Hawaiian (1961)
  • Gidget Goes to Rome (1963)

Theatrical films

  • Gidget (April 10, 1959), starring Sandra Dee
  • Gidget Goes Hawaiian (June 2, 1961), starring Deborah Walley
  • Gidget Goes to Rome (August 7, 1963), starring Cindy Carol

Television series

  • Gidget (September 15, 1965 – April 21, 1966), starring Sally Field
  • The New Gidget (September 15, 1986 – May 12, 1988), starring Caryn Richman

Television films

  • Gidget Grows Up (December 30, 1969), starring Karen Valentine
  • Gidget Gets Married (January 4, 1972), starring Monie Ellis
  • Gidget's Summer Reunion (June 1, 1985), starring Caryn Richman


Direction Series Date Description Type

5Arrow R The Flying Nun1967 1967Sister Bertrille from The Flying Nun mentions having been to Westside High School in California, the same school as Gidget; she's also been in a band called "The Gorries", like Gidget.1

4Arrow L Gilligan's Island19870917 September 17, 1987Gidget and her family shipwreck on a deserted island in The New Gidget "Gilligidge Island", and actors from Gilligan's Island appear as themselves with many references to the show.2