This page explains in detail the interactions between the Giana Sisters series and the Mario series.

The Great Giana Sisters



Giana Sisters1 Double Arrow L Mario


Great Giana Sisters/Super Mario Bros. comparison.

The Great Giana Sisters was created basically as a version of Super Mario Bros. for home computers.

The graphycs are very similar to the original game, and also the gameplay is basically the same, featuring enemies very similar to Goomabs that can be killed by stomping on them, blocks that can be hit from below to obtain items, like ?-blocks, and collectable "dream crystals" replacing coins. Instead of the Super Mushroom or Fire Flower, the only power-up in the game is the Fire Wheel, that gives the player the ability to break blocks and shoot, but doesn't change the character's size and doesn't give them any extra hitpoints.

The game can be played by two players, in which case the first player will use Giana, while the second uses her sister Maria. The second character's name might also be a reference to Mario.

Additionally, some levels layouts in the game, most notably the first two levels, are directly based on levels from Super Mario Bros. with similar block formations and pipes.

The remake of this game, Giana Sisters DS, released for Nintendo DS in 2009, loses most of the elements that were based on Mario, finally making it into an original game.


Giana Sister's company Rainbow Arts had no right to take elements from Super Mario Bros. in fact Mario's company Nintendo, started a lawsuit against Rainbow Arts and won, forcing them to remove the game from stores.