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Gamera, the main character of the series

Gamera is a Kaiju Monster Type film about a giant turtle called Gamera.


Gamera (November 27th 1965)

Gamera VS Barugon (April 17th 1966)

Gamera VS Gyoas (March 15th 1967)

Gamera VS Viras (March 20th 1968)

Gamera VS Guiron (March 21st 1969)

Gamera VS Jiger (March 21st 1970)

Gamera VS Zigra (July 17th 1971)

Gamera: Super Monster (March 20th 1980)

Gamera: Guardian of the Universe (March 11th 1995)

Gamera 2: Attack of  Legion (July 13th 1996)

Gamera 3: The Revenge of Iris (March 3rd 1999)

Gamera the Brave (April 29th 2006)

Links to other series

Direction Series Date Description Type



Godzilla19703 March 1970Godzilla and Gamera fought during the stage show Godzilla vs. Gamera.1

4Arrow L Star Wars19800320 March 20, 1980The pirate ship in Gamera: Super Monster is based on the Imperial Star Destroyer.3

5Arrow R Dr. Slump19801009 October 09, 1980In Dr. Slump Volume 2 of Chapter 21, Gamera appears flying in the sky.1

5Arrow R Dragon Ball19860110 January 10, 1986In Dragon Ball, a "Baby Gamera" is summoned to help the Muten Roshi traverse the ocean to Fry-Pan Mountain in volume 2.3

4Arrow L Warning from Space199502 February 1995A Pairan alien appears in Manga Boys Special Edition: Gamera.1

5Arrow R Monster Gear201512 December 2015Gamera and some of his enemies appear in a collaboration event in Monster Gear.1

5Arrow R City Shrouded in Shadow20171019 October 19, 2017Gamera monsters appear in the game City Shrouded in Shadow.1