This page explains in detail the interactions between the Game & Watch Gallery series and the Yoshi series.

Game & Watch Gallery 2

1997927 September 27, 1997


Game & Watch Gallery4Arrow L Yoshi

The "Modern" version of Vermin stars Yoshi and features element from Yoshi games, including enemies and the cookies from Yoshi's Cookie.

Game & Watch Gallery 3

19990804 August 04, 1999


Game & Watch Gallery4Arrow L Yoshi

"Modern" Egg is based on the game Yoshi's Cookie, and features Bob-ombs as obstacles. Like every other game it also includes 1-Up Hearts.

G&WG3 Greenhouse M heart

A 1-Up Heart in "Modern" Greenhouse.

"Modern" Greenhouse is based on Yoshi's Island. It still includes 1-Up Hearts like every other game.

Game & Watch Gallery Advance

G&WGA MariosCF M

Mario making a cookie in "Modern" Mario's Cement Factory.

20021025 October 25, 2002


Game & Watch Gallery4Arrow L Yoshi

The cookies from Yoshi's Cookies once again make an appearance in "Modern" Mario's Cement Factory.


Copyrights for both series are held by Nintendo.