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Galactic Pinball is a pinball video game by Nintendo, released for the Virtual Boy on July 21, 1995.


Gameplay from the Cosmic table of Galactic Pinball.

The game features a space setting, taking place in the Milky Way Galaxy in 2100 AD, including four tables, each with its own background:

  • Cosmic: the player is a pilot of the Space Federation investigating the mysteries of the Milky Way and fighting space pirates.
  • Colony: representing a space colony adrift in the cosmos, the player must protect it from collision with asteroids.
  • UFO: the player's ball is "a remote controlled UFO", that must be used to defeat the Evil Skeleton.
  • Alien: the player must make the "wicked aliens" appear and then destroy them.

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Direction Series Date Description Type

4Arrow L Metroid19950721 July 21, 1995Various elements from the Metroid series are featured in the "Cosmic" table of Galactic Pinball.1