Friday the 13th

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Jason Voorhees, The Main Character of the series.

Friday the 13th is a series of horror movies created by Sean S. Cunningham.


Friday The 13th (May 9th 1980)

Friday The 13th Part 2 (May 1st 1981)

Friday The 13th Part III (August 13th 1982)

Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter (April 13th 1984)

Friday The 13th: A New Beginning (March 22nd 1985)

Friday The 13th Part IV: Jason Lives (August 1st 1986)

Friday The 13th Part VII: The New Blood (May 13th 1988)

Friday The 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhatten (July 28th 1989)

Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (August 13th 1993)

Jason X (July 24th 2001)

Friday The 13th (February 13th 2009)


Friday The 13th: The Series (October 3rd 1987 - May 26th 1990)

Video Games

Friday The 13th (1985) for Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC, ZX Spcetrum 

Friday The 13th (February 1989) for NES

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