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Forgotten Worlds is a side scrolling shoot-'em up video game series by Capcom.

Video Games

  • Forgotten Worlds (July 1988). Arcade. Later released on DOS, Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, Commodore 64, Sega Master System, Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, Turbografx-16 and ZX-Spectrum. The Mega Drive/Genesis port was re-released in 2008 for Wii Virtual Console.

Links to other series

Direction Series Date Description Type

4Arrow L Fist of the North Star198807 July 1988Boss characters Whodin & Laidin from Forgotten Worlds are inspired by characters from Fist of the North Star.3

4Arrow L Vulgus198807 July 1988The Yashichi enemy from Vulgus appears as an item in Forgotten Worlds.2

4Arrow L Side Arms198807 July 1988A golden Mobichan from Side Arms appears as an item in Forgotten Worlds.2

4Arrow L Higemaru198807 July 1988A golden barrel sprite from Pirate Ship Higemaru appears as an item in Forgotten Worlds.2

4Arrow L SonSon198807 July 1988A golden bamboo sprout from SonSon appears as an item in Forgotten Worlds.2

5Arrow R Adventure Quiz1989 1989The Adventure Quiz series features characters from Forgotten Worlds.1

5Arrow R Capcom Baseball198910 October 1989The Unknown Soldiers are pictured in a newspaper ad in Capcom Baseball. One of the players in the "Capcom Games" team is named "Lost", after the series' Japanese name, Lost Worlds.2

5Arrow R Final Fight198912 December 1989The enemy character Two.P from Final Fight is inspired by Unknown Soldier 2P from Forgotten Worlds.3

5Arrow R Street Fighter19960227 February 27, 1996Guests costumed as the two unknown soldiers from Forgotten Worlds appear in Street Fighter Alpha 2, Two.P's profile in the online Street Fighter V character encyclopedia features further references to the red Unknown Soldier and Guile receives an Unknown Soldier 1P costume in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.2

5Arrow R Marvel vs. Capcom19980112 January 12, 1998Unknown Soldier 1P is an assist character in Marvel vs. Capcom.1

5Arrow R SNK vs. Capcom19991021 October 21, 1999Sylphie from Forgotten Worlds appears as a shop owner in SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters' Clash, the "Lost World" store is based off the game and has enemies and weapons in display; and the character Foh/Foru Gotton from SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash and Card Fighters 2 is named after the series.1

5Arrow R Capcom Fighting200410 October 2004An statue of the War God from Forgotten Worlds makes a cameo in Guy's ending in Capcom Fighting Evolution.2

5Arrow R Namco × Capcom20050526 May 26, 2005Namco × Capcom features characters from Forgotten Worlds.1

5Arrow R Capcom Classics Collection20050927 September 27, 2005Forgotten Worlds is included in Capcom Classics Collection and Capcom Classics Collection Remixed.2

5Arrow R Lost Planet2010511 May 11, 2010"Unknown Super Soldier", "Forgotten Worlds" and "Sylphie" are unlockable Nom de Guerres in Lost Planet 2.2

5Arrow R Mega Man20110525 May 25, 2011The two Unknown Soldiers from Forgotten Worlds make a cameo in volume 2 of the Mega Man comics by Archie.1

5Arrow R Project X Zone20151112 November 12, 2015Project X Zone 2 features Sylphie from Forgotten Worlds.1