This page explains in detail the interactions between the Fish Hooks series and the Mario series.

Fish Hooks episode Fish Out of Water

20100924 September 24, 2010


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FishHooks 103 SMB

Milo in front of the TV while Oscar plays.

Near the beginning of the third episode of the series, Oscar is trying to play a videogame, but Milo gets in the way blocking the screen. The game features a yellow character in red overalls jumping over turtles in 8-bit graphics, and is therefore very likely based on Super Mario Bros.

In a later scene, when Oscar describes his relationship with Bea, he makes a Donkey Kong reference, but calls him "a plumber" and her "a princess", roles of the main characters from the Mario series, while in Donkey Kong Mario was a carpenter and had to rescue his girlfriend Pauline, not a princess. This is however an inaccurancy from the writers, and should only be considered an incidental reference.

Fish Hooks episode Fish Out of Water

20101022 October 22, 2010

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The eighth episode of the series opens with Oscar playing the same videogame from "Fish Out of Water", this time however it is clearly shown in fullscreen, and the main character uses a saw to kill a turtle. Oscar then tells the game's name, and it is "Kooky Carpenter Cousins", a further reference to Super Mario Bros.

Fish Hooks episode Spiders Bite

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20120914 September 14, 2012


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In the twenty-eight episode of Season 2 (Episode #69), when the fish are racing against the spiders in a drag race, one of the buttons on Milo's bike makes him shoot what seems to be a Koopa Shell, that he uses to get rid of an angry cat. This is a clear reference to the Mario Kart series.


The creators of Fish Hooks held no right over Nintendo's Mario, but they only included minor references to the series.