In this page explaind the links between Xeno Series and Final Fantasy.


19980211 February 11, 1998

Xenogears(Xeno)4Arrow L Final Fantasy

Xenogears features a poster of Tifa from Final Fantasy VII.7

Final Fantasy VII

19970131 January 31, 1997

Final Fantasy4Arrow L Xenogears(Xeno)

Final Fantasy 7 features a minor reference to Xenogears.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

Theatrhytm and Final Fantasy4Arrow L Xenogears(Xeno)

Curtain Call features a downloadable track from Xenogears;

For more information see:Theatrhythm music.

World of Final Fantasy

While World of Final Fantasy feature a mirage called XG, based on the Xenogears.


Square Enix has the rights for both series.