This page explains in detail the interactions between the Family Basic games series and the Sheriff (Nintendo) series.

Family Basic - v.3

19850221 February 21, 1985


Family Basic4Arrow L Sheriff (Nintendo)

"Version 3" of the programming software Family Basic features some playable pre-made games, and one of them is Game 0 in which the player has to speak into the microphone to make a heart appear. If the player is able to fill the entire heart, Mario and Pauline from Donkey Kong will appear, walk toward each other and kiss.

This scene is almost identical to the bonus scene from Sheriff, that has the titular character and the woman he saves (called Pretty Priscilla in Bandido versions of the game) kiss and a heart appearing in the same way, only formed by small hearts rather than by circles. In both cases the heart appears by rows, starting from the bottom left, only in Famicom Basic is the player to make it appear and the characters appear later, while in Sheriff it appears after the characters in a cutscene.


Copyrights for both series are held by Nintendo.