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Family Basic is a programming language program for the Famicom that was released in Japan on June 21, 1984 and also included the Famicom Keybord peripherial. A Version 2 was released shortly after, featuring additional elements and features, while Version 3, released on February 21, 1985, added pre-made games, but not all features from Version 2.

Note that being a programming software, Family Basic itself IS NOT considered a fictional series, only those pre-built games in Version 3 are considered fictional works, and for this reason this is called the Family Basic games series.

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Note: while Wario game WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! features a microgame called "Family Basic", it's only actually based on the Famicom Keybord peripherial and the programming aspects of the software, not the fictional games, so it doesn't count as a link.

Direction Series Date Description Type

4Arrow L Donkey Kong19850221 February 21, 1985Mario and Pauline from Donkey Kong make an appearance in built-in games in Family Basic - v.3.

4Arrow L Mario19850221 February 21, 1985The Sidesteppers and Fighter Flies from Mario Bros. make an appearance in built-in games in Family Basic - v.3.

4Arrow L Sheriff (Nintendo)19850221 February 21, 1985A built-in game in Family Basic - v.3 features a possible reference to Sheriff.

5Arrow R Binary Land19851219 December 19, 1985Gurin from the Famicom version of Binary Land is based on the penguin sprites from Family Basic - v.3.