This page explains in detail the interactions between the Excite series and the Mario series.

Excitebike: Bun Bun Mario Battle Stadium

Excitebike Mario 4

Title screen of Excitebike: Bun Bun Mario Battle Stadium Part 4.

1997511 May 11, 1997

Excite6 Dash Mario

Excitebike: Bun Bun Mario Battle Stadium, released in four parts in 1997 for the Super Famicom via Satellaview, is a crossover between the two series, being basically an Excitebike game with Mario characters.

The first part features Mario, Luigi and Toad as the selectable characters; part 2 adds Wario; part 3 adds Peach; part 4 replaces Luigi with Yoshi. Oddly, the character select screen shows an image of Wario, Toad, Mario, Peach and Luigi in all its versions.

Additionally Koopa Troopas serve as the computer controlled opponents in the race and the audience in the background is made of Mario enemies such as Shy Guys and Bloopers.

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

Mario & Luigi Excite Spring
Mario&Luigi Excite Biker

The Excite biker's unused sprites from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (ripped by Salanewt).

20031117 November 17, 2003

Excite5Arrow R Mario

Excite5Arrow R Mario

(originally this was going to be a In-universe link, but in the final version is just an Out-universe link)

In the Starbeans Café, Professor E. Gadd from Luigi's Mansion gives one of his inventions to Mario and Luigi everytime they mix a new coffee, for a total of seven different coffees. Originally, every item obtained was given to Mario and Luigi by a different cameo character (Wario, Fox McCloud, a biker from Excitebike, Link, Samus Aran, Captain Olimar and Professor E. Gadd) but in the end they only retained Professor E. Gadd. The biker's item is the Excite Spring that when equipped makes the character float in the air for a little by pressing the jump button while defending. The Excite Spring is the only item that wasn't renamed in the final version of the game, keeping the reference to the Excite series.

Before being scrapped, sprites and dialogues for these characters were actually included in the game, and are still present in its code, but unused. For biker's dialogue there only are lines for the cashier, not him:


Hey? Is that the sound of a motorcycle I hear?
Hey, buddy! What are you doin'?!
This isn't a drive-through!!!
What? Are you thirsty or something? Fine, but no need to get so...EXCITED!
Are your engines on full throttle?

Super Mario Maker

201512 December 2015


Excite5Arrow R Mario

An an update to the game added a new costume based on the Excitebiker.


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