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Era's redesigned look.

Era's Adventures, also called Era's Adventures 3D, is a platform videogame created by Andev and released for Android in February 2013.

With very little plot, the game stars the creature called Era and the objective of each level is to find keys and then use them to open the exit door.

Era's original appearance.

Era's appearance is clearly based on the Nintendo character Yoshi, with the only notable difference in the original version of the game being diamond-shaped pupils during gameplay (though she'd still have round pupils in cutscenes). Botond Kopaz, creator of the game, stated that he purchased the main character's model from the model store TurboSquid, without knowing Yoshi's identity.

Nintendo took legal actions against the game only two weeks after its release, and the game was removed from the Android Marketplace, though it was briefly re-released with a sligtly altered look for Era, now being colored blue and green, and wearing a cap on her head.

The game was then permanently removed from the Marketplace, and retooled into Jack 3D, now featuring a totally original character.

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Direction Series Date Description Type

4Arrow L.png Yoshi 201302 February 2013 The titular character from Era's Adventures 3D is based on Yoshi.

Double Arrow R.png

Jack 3D 20140110 January 10, 2014 Jack 3D is based on Era's Adventures 3D, only starring a different character. 1