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Epic Pinball is a pinball videogame published by Epic MegaGames (currently known as Epic Games) and released for MS-DOS on November 6, 1993.

The first table of the game, Android, was released as freeware, while other ones needed to be purchased.

The full version originally consisted in two packs of four tables each, though a third pack of four tables was added shortly after.

Six of these tables were also released as stand-alone games in 1994-1995.

Pack 1:
  • Android: actually an updated version of the freeware table, it's called Super Android on the table itself.
  • Pot of Gold (also stand-alone)
  • Excalibur
  • Crash and Burn (also stand-alone)
Pack 2:
  • Magic
  • Jungle Pinball (also stand-alone): themed after Jill of the Jungle.
  • Deep Sea (also stand-alone)
  • Enigma (also stand-alone)
Pack 3:
  • Cyborgirl (also stand-alone)
  • Pangaea
  • Space Journey
  • Toy Factory

In 1994 a CD-Rom version of the game was released as Epic Pinball: The Complete Collection, including all 12 tables from the original version, plus a new table called African Safari.

The game was remade for iOS in 2011 as Retro Pinball, only including graphically updated versions of the tables Super Android, Crash and Burn and Pangaea.

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4Arrow L Jill of the Jungle19931106 November 06, 1993Epic Pinball features a table based on Jill of the Jungle.2