This page explains in detail the interactions between the El Chavo series and the Mario series.

El Chavo Animado episode Un Buen Recado

20091217 December 17, 2009


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El Chavo Animado - "Un Buen Recado" 1-3

El Chavo Animado - "Un Buen Recado" 1-3

The first third of the episode. Tha Mario parody can be seen at 4:29.

In the seventeenth episode of season 3 (Episode #69), called "A Good Message" in english, El Chavo, Quico and Ñoño ("Junior" in Engilsh) can be seen inside Quico's house playing a game clearly based on Super Mario Bros. where the three of them appear with a mustache, and Ñoño also wears a cap similar to Mario, matching his shirt's color. Señor Barriga ("Mr. Beliarge" in the English version) is also represented as Goombas in the game. Though the gameplay and background of the game are that of Super Mario Bros., the status that is seen on the screen, as well as the box for saving items, is a reference to Super Mario World. When Ñoño reaches the flagpole at the end of the level, he inadvertently causes it fall due to his weight.

Additionally, the controllers they use to play, appear to be wireless versions of the NES controller.


The creators of El Chavo Animado held no right over Nintendo's Mario, but they only included a minor reference to the game.