This page explains in detail the interactions between the Duke Dashington series and the Indie Pogo series.

Indie Pogo

July 10, 2018


Duke Dashington5Arrow R Indie Pogo

Indie Pogo features a trophy of Duke Dashington. It can be unlocked from the Gachapon. Unlocking this trophy causes Duke Dashington to appear in the background crowd of the character select screen, and possibly appear during a pogo combo during battle.

Trophy description:

IndiePogo DukeDashingtonTrophy

Duke Dashington takes treasure hunting to a new extreme. This classy macho man uses his signature elbow jab to dash thru corridors at gravity defying speeds. This has been useful since the ancient temple of Nenapmis began to crumble as he neared.


Adventure Islands gave permission to Lowe Bros. Studios to use Duke Dashington in Indie Pogo.