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Dr. Mario is a series of puzzle games by Nintendo and it's a sub-series of the Mario series.

The original games are:

  • Dr. Mario (July 27, 1990), Famicom/Nes, Game Boy. Also released in 1998 for Super Famicom, while the NES version was re-released in 2004 for Game Boy Advance and the Game Boy version was re-released in 2011 for 3DS Virtual Console.
  • Dr. Mario 64 (April 9, 2001), Nintendo 64. Re-released in 2003 for GameCube within Nintendo Puzzle Collection, retitled Dr. Mario.
  • Dr. Mario World (2019)

Remakes and compilations are:

  • Vs. Dr. Mario (1990), Arcade. A remake of the original game.
  • Tetris & Dr. Mario (December 1994), SNES. A compilation including the original game.
  • Dr. Mario & Germ Buster (March 25, 2006) known as Dr. Mario Online Rx in America. A remake of Dr. Mario also including Germ Buster mode from Brain Training
  • A Little Bit of... Dr. Mario (Dicember 24, 2008), Nintendo DSiWare. A remake of Dr. Mario.
  • Dr. Mario & Puzzle League (September 13, 2005), Game Boy Advance.
  • Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure (May 31, 2015), Nintendo 3DS. A new version of Dr. Mario, including a new mode with special items.

Additionally a comic based on Dr. Mario was released on issue 9 of Nintendo Comics System, as part of the Super Mario Bros. comic series.

Links to other series

Mascot link: Miis appear in Dr. Mario & Germ Buster/Dr. Mario Online Rx.

Direction Series Date Description Type

5Arrow R Dr. Giggles19921023 October 23, 1992In Dr. Giggles a character is seen playing Dr. Mario.

5Arrow R Motoko-chan no Wonder Kitchen199309 September 1993The tree viruses from Dr. Mario make a cameo in Motoko chan no Wonder Kitchen.

5Arrow R Wario20010409 April 09, 2001Dr. Mario 64 features many characters from Wario Land 3, while WarioWare, Inc.: Minigame Mania features a microgame and a minigame based on Dr. Mario; also one of the treasures in Wario Land II might be based on the Megavitamin from Dr. Mario and a virus from Dr. Mario makes an appearance in a WarioWare: Twisted! microgame.

5Arrow R Super Smash Bros.20011121 November 21, 2001Dr. Mario is selectable in Super Smash Bros. Melee. There also are trophies and stickers based on him in Melee and Brawl.

5Arrow R Nintendo Puzzle Collection20030207 February 07, 2003Nintendo Puzzle Collection includes a remake of Dr. Mario.

5Arrow R Mario Party20050113 January 13, 2005The Mario Party Advance minigame "Koopa Krunch" is based on Dr. Mario.3

5Arrow R Donkey Kong20050317 March 17, 2005The Dr. Mario theme is featured in Donkey Konga 3.



Puzzle League20050913 September 13, 2005Dr. Mario was released in a compilation with Puzzle League.

5Arrow R Brain Training20051229 December 29, 2005Virus Buster, a minigame from More Brain Training, is based on Dr. Mario and was released with it in Dr. Mario & Germ Buster.

5Arrow R SpongeBob20071117 November 17, 2007SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis features a reference to Dr. Mario.

5Arrow R How I Met Your Mother20110214 February 14, 2011The How I Met Your Mother episode "ColumnsDesperation Day" features a reference to Dr. Mario.

5Arrow R Kid Icarus20120322 March 22, 2012Kid Icarus: Uprising features a reference to Dr. Mario.

5Arrow R Luigi20131231 December 31, 2013Dr. Luigi features the same gameplay as Dr. Mario, but hass Luigi as the main character.3

5Arrow R Super Mario20150910 September 10, 2015Super Mario Maker features a Dr. Mario costume for Mario to wear.2

5Arrow R Mario Bros.20150910 September 10, 2015Super Mario Maker (arguably part of the Mario Bros. series) features a Dr. Mario costume for Mario to wear.2