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DotA, formerly known as Defense of the Ancients is a series of games created by IceFrog. It was a mod created in Blizzard's famous game World of Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos.

Video games

DotA (2005) for PC

Dota 2 (July 9th 2013) for PC

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Direction Series Date Description Type

4Arrow L Back to the Future20090929 September 29, 2009Batrider says "Have you seen Bat to the Future?!"3

4Arrow L Zelda201107 July 2011Aghanim's scepter in-game item3

4Arrow L Half-Life20120620 June 20, 2012Dr. Kleiner is an announcer in Dota 23

4Arrow L Bastion20121219 December 19, 2012The narrator of Bastion is in Dota 2.3

4Arrow L Portal20130923 September 23, 2013Glados is an announcer in Dota 2. It's available bundled with the portal pack3

4Arrow L The Stanley Parable20131118 November 18, 2013The narrator of The Stanley Parable is in Dota 2.3

4Arrow L Dark Souls20130823 August 23, 2013The "Dark Wraith" armor set from DOTA 2 features direct references to Dark Souls.1

4Arrow L Trine20131114 November 14, 2013The narrator of Trine is in Dota 2.3

4Arrow L Defense Grid20131207 December 07, 2013The narrator of Defense Grid is in Dota 2.3

4Arrow L Mario20150507 May 07, 2015Zeus's taunt assembles Mario's jump animation with a coin on the top.2

4Arrow L Dragon Ball20150710 July 10, 2015An immortal item for Ka'el the invoker resembles Son Goku's first super saiyan form. In the description box, there's a reference about the "it's over 9000" joke.3

4Arrow L Final Fantasy20150818 August 18, 2015A Chocobo and a Moogle were available for a limited time in Dota 2 by pre-purchasing Final Fantasy Type-0 HD for Steam.1

4Arrow L Rick and Morty20150820 August 20, 2015Rick and Morty are announcers of the game3

4Arrow L Ōkami20171212 December 12, 2017Amaterasu is available as a courier as pre-order bonus of Ookami-HD on steam1