This page explains in detail the interactions between the Donkey Kong series and the Pinball (Nintendo) series.


Pinball Mario

Gameplay of the bonus stage in Pinball, featuring Mario and Pauline.

Pinball cover

Cover for the NES version of Pinball, featuring Mario.



Donkey Kong5Arrow R Pinball (Nintendo)

The game features a special bonus stage played in breakout-style where the player controls Mario holding a platform and must rescue Pauline, which is on top of the screen. Note that Pauline's hair is here oddly brown, rather than blonde, but ironically this corresponds to her appearance in the 1994 remake of Donkey Kong and later games.

This stage is accessed by the hole on the left in the bottom screen on the regular pinball table. Here, instead of using the paddles to bounce the ball, the player will move Mario and his platform by pressing left and right on the d-pad. If the ball falls below Mario without enough speed to bounce on the ground, it will end on the bottom exits and return in the pinball table from the hole in the top screen. On the left and right sides of the bonus screen there are two bumpers worth 100 points, while in the middle there are eleven circles organized in three columns, and they change color afterthe ball passes over them. By making all circles in each column change its color, the platform on top of the stage will shring, and after shrinking three times, Pauline will fall down. If the player misses Pauline the bonus stage will immediatly end, while if the player catches her, must then guide her to one of the "exits" on the sides, winning the stage. After winning the player will be awarded with 10000 points and Pauline will appear on top again.

The NES version of this game released to the western market, actually takes advantage ofMario being in this bonus stage by putting him on the cover, while it being just a small cameo.


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