This page explains in detail the interactions between the Donkey Kong series and the Picross series.

Picross NP Vol. 8

Picross NP Vol8

Title screen.

Picross NP Vol8 character

Puzzle select screen.

200061 June 1, 2000


Donkey Kong5Arrow R Picross

The eighth and last Picross NP episode features Donkey Kong Country themed puzzles in "Character Mode". Donkey Kong is also shown in the title screen.

The puzzles are:

  • A - DK barrel
  • B - Squawks
  • C - Banana
  • D - Winky
  • E - Funky Kong
  • F - Cranky Kong
  • G - Diddy Kong
  • H - Candy Kong
  • I - Expresso
  • J - Enguarde
  • K - Donkey Kong
  • L - Rambi

These also return in Picross DS as downloadable puzzles.

Club Nintendo Picross Plus

October 2014


Donkey Kong5Arrow R Picross

Club Nintendo Picross Plus features puzzles based on the Donkey Kong series, including a Donkey Kong Jr. puzzle.


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