This page explains in detail the interactions between the Donkey Kong series and the Metroid series.

Donkey Kong Country Returns

20101121 November 21, 2010


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DKCR Phazon

Phazon crystals, Saturnine-like mushrooms and a cart with "Phazon".

Being developed by Retro Studios, the company that created the Metroid Prime trilogy, Donkey Kong Country Returns has several Metroid references. For istance:

  • In world 4, "Cave", blue crystals and large mushrooms can be seen in the background in some levels, resembling respectively the Phazon crystals and Saturnine, both found in the Phazon Mines zone in Metroid Prime. Some of the carts in these levels also have a glowing blue substance with black streaks that appears to emit lightning bolts, therefore looking like Phazon. The nature of this substance is further made vague by when visited in this world, Cranky Kong sometimes comments on this subtance by saying "I've been trying to figure out just what they mine in these mines, but I've got nothing."
  • In world 6-7, "Tippy Shippy", several fossils can be seen on walls, resembling Parasites (or possibly Leviathan Infants) from the Metroid series.
  • In world 7-1, "Foggy Fumes", Crocomire's skull from Super Metroid can be seen in the background, being held by a crane.
  • In world 7-R, "Lift-off Launch", there's an iron structure at the beginning of the level with three spinning rings, resembling the Main Dynamo from Metroid Prime 2.

Note that while these aren't 100% confirmed references, if they're considered as such than they're Type 1 links, because of the game being licensed by Nintendo, and those can therefore considered actual incarnations of the Parasites, Crocomire, and Phazon.


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