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Don Doko Don is a side-scrolling platform video game series by Taito.

Video games

  • Don Doko Don (July 1989). Arcade. Later released on NES, PC-Engine and mobile phones.
  • Don Doko Don 2 (January 31, 1992). NES.

There's also a video game titled Don Doko Don! Manatsu Noko Fundo developed by Xai, but there's no known connection to Taito's Don Doko Don series.

Links to other series

Direction Series Date Description Type

4Arrow L The Fairyland Story198907 July 1989The Worm enemy and red devil from The Fairyland Story appear as enemies in Don Doko Don.1

5Arrow R Cameltry1989 1989A minion of the Pumpkin Specter from Don Doko Don appears in Cameltry holding a 1000 Pts sign if the player reaches the goal with more than 60 seconds on the clock.1

5Arrow R Quiz Quest1991 1991Bob from Don Doko Don is pictured in Quiz Quest: Hime to Yuusha no Monogatari.2

4Arrow L Chack'n Pop19920131 January 31, 1992Collectable items from Don Doko Don 2 feature the silhouette of Chack'n.3

5Arrow R Bubble Bobble1994 1994Bob and Jim from Don Doko Don are assist characters in Bubble Symphony.1

5Arrow R Kyuukyoku Harikiri Stadium19940812 August 12, 1994One of the players in the "Taito Planets" team from Super Kyuukyoku Harikiri Stadium 2 is named "Dondoko", after the series.3

5Arrow R Space Invaders19940909 September 09, 1994Stage 9 in the Parody Mode of Space Invaders DX is based on Don Doko Don and features a playable Bob.1

5Arrow R Pop n' Pop19982 February 1998Characters from Don Doko Don appear in Pop n' Pop.1

5Arrow R Taito Memories20050728 July 28, 2005Taito Memories Joukan includes Don Doko Don.2

5Arrow R Taito Legends20060331 March 31, 2006Taito Legends 2 includes Don Doko Don.2