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Pinocchio is a film by Disney


Pinocchio (February 7, 1940)

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Direction Series Date Description Type

5Arrow R Mickey Mouse19420113 January 13, 1942Pinocchio and Geppetto appear alongside Mickey Mouse characters in the short "All Together", while Pinocchio characters appear in the comic stories "Clara Cluck", "L'inferno di Topolino", the strip arc "Li'l Davy", "Topolino allo Zecchino D'Oro", "Donald and Mickey in Disneyland", "Mickey's Toontown" and some other stories, in the Mickey Mouse Club opening, in On Vacation with Mickey Mouse and Friends, Mickey's Christmas Carol, the Mickey Mouse episode "Wonders of the Deep" in the House of Mouse series, in the Game Boy game Mickey Mouse II, in Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion; additionally Goofy appears dressed as Pinocchio in Mickey Mouse Holiday Special #4 while Mickey appears dressed as Pinocchio on the cover of Topolino #1948; an animatronic version of Stromboli from Pinocchio is also featured in Epic Mickey 2.1

5Arrow R Roger Rabbit1988622 June 22, 1988Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket, and Lampwick appear in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.1

5Arrow R Kingdom Hearts20020328 March 28, 2002Jiminy Cricket makes his debut in Kingdom Hearts.1