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Disney's Peter Pan is a series by Disney.


Peter Pan (February 5th 1953)

Return to Never Land (February 10th 2002)


Jake and the Never Land Pirates (February 14th 2011 - November 6th 2016)

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Mickey Mouse195301 January 1953Peter Pan Treasure Chest and Mickey Mouse in Fantasyland feature crossover stories between the two series; Peter Pan characters also appear in the Mickey Mouse stories 20,000 Weeds Under The Sea, Treasure Island A-Yo-Ho, Classy Castle Hassle, Topolino allo Zecchino D'Oro, O Sumiço Das Vozes Na Terra Do Nunca and Le capitaine Crochet est de retour !, as well as in Mickey Mousecapade, the Epic Mickey series and the House of Mouse series.1

5Arrow R Roger Rabbit1988622 June 22, 1988Tinker Bell appears in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.1

5Arrow R Kingdom Hearts2002328 March 28, 2002Neverland is a stage in Kingdom Hearts which also features characters from Peter Pan.1


Double Arrow R

Tinker Bell2008918 September 18, 2008Tinker Bell series is a spinoff to the Peter Pan.1

5Arrow R Dance Dance Revolution20090402 April 02, 2009Dance Dance Revolution Disney Grooves features music tracks from Peter Pan.2

5Arrow R Disney Infinity2014114 November 4, 2014Tinker Bell from Peter Pan appears in Disney Infinity 2.0.1

5Arrow R Lego Minifigures201605 May 2016The Disney series of Lego Minifigures includes Peter Pan and Captain Hook.1

5Arrow R Descendants2017721 July 21, 2017Captain Hook has a son in Disney Channel's Descendants 2.1